Recycling of printed circuit boards

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MB Recycling

Our Advantage

RecyclingLab – why is having a research and development lab so crucial? The lab checks the content of components and does quantitative and qualitative analyses of components, machines, and boards/laminates.

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mb recycling

Sorting of boards and electronic components

This is where low-value electronic boards obtained from used electronic equipment are sorted, after which they are ground. This process results in different types of fractions, which are then shipped to the end client for precious metal recovery.

MB Recycling

Recycling of PCBs

Because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, MB Recycling is the leader in Europe when it comes to refining copper and precious metals from printed circuit boards and devices with PCBs. We provide a full range of services, including cost estimation, transportation, and recycling. We follow EU environmental protection laws and employ the newest technologies. High quality, ongoing development, and long-term partnerships are our main priorities.

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Maciej Bryk

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The Netherlands, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria

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Development Director PCB/WEEE/E-Scrap

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Administration/System operations/Invoice and delivery processing

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