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What are EKOzwroty

Are old shoes, a discarded jacket, an outdated phone, a book that is gathering dust, or forgotten toys that haven’t been played with in years cluttering up your space yet you can’t bear to throw them away? InPost, CCC, and the Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation have worked together to help you clean up and protect the environment. Send anything you no longer need to the Packer Locker and we’ll give it a new life and not charge you a dime!


Zero Waste Concept

The Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation takes a pragmatic approach to pro-environmental education, focusing on solid waste segregation as well as working with the Polish E-Waste Project, which enables you to dispose of old, broken electronics easily thanks to red waste containers near your home.

“However,” says Krzysztof Kieszkowski, president of the Foundation, “people who came to our workshops and events had a lot of questions about what to do with equipment that still works. Indeed, it is challenging because, while we teach people about the circular economy and the concept of zero waste, there has been no ready-made solution available in Poland. This led to the creation of a collaborative project with InPost, whose Packet Lockers make it the perfect choice for donating usable but unused things for repurposing.”

In response to market demand, we are expanding the project, which began in the fall of 2021, to include used footwear, clothing, toys, books, and many more. As a result, our campaign will have a much larger reach and engage all people who are becoming more mindful of the need to protect the environment and prolong the life cycle of products.

Responsible Smart City

The expansion of the service, which is absolutely free for residents, to include giving away footwear and textiles, in addition to electronics, is made possible by the brand CCC and their “Give your Shoes a Second Life” campaign, which began its third year. Now customers can give away shoes that they no longer wear.

According to Agnieszka Kępińska-Sadowska, managing director of the corporate communication and sustainable development department in the CCC Group, “We give our customers even easier access to give away footwear that they are not wearing for various reasons by using the synergy of efforts of InPost and the Foundation. We want our customers to care about our planet, so if they donate shoes through EKOzwroty, they’ll get a 10% discount on new shoes.”
Why is it a smart solution? Thanks of the combined efforts of InPost, CCC, and the Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation, you can mail toys, footwear, or electronic devices for repurposing without having to travel too far from home. According to studies, InPost Packet Lockers are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to send packages, especially if we consider reusing products that we don’t use every day. Through EKOzwroty, residents can contribute to the future of their city and the planet by reducing the energy required to obtain new raw materials and produce new things.

Give your unused things a second chance at life!

A new historia

The ESG InPost strategy and the vision of the CCC brand consistent with it allowed us to start cooperation, enabling us to solve the problem of what to do with things that are still operational and that we do not use.
Giving a new story to old objects sounds inspiring – says Anna Heimberger, Head of Marketing Communication from InPost. Therefore, observing the beginning of the project and the need for its expansion with new categories beyond electronics, we give residents a tool they know, encouraging them to use it for the sake of order in their home, but above all for the environment.
Items sent by Paczkomaty will be subject to verification and selection, then some of them will go back to the market after proper preparation. Some of the products will be donated for social purposes, which will be ensured by the Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation. Items that do not meet the standards and cannot be repaired will go to professional processing plants, which will enable maximum recovery of raw materials.