zakład zbierania i przetwarzania zużytego sprzętu elektrycznego i elektronicznego w Bogumiłowie.

MB Recycling


Maya Victory Sp. z o.o. is Poland’s leading WEEE collecting and treatment plant. More than 3,000 market-impacting businesses are already using our services. Our strong sides include experience and reliability in WEEE treatment, cutting-edge production lines with high processing capacity and competitive market prices. All 6 groups of waste electrical and electronic equipment are treated by us. We work with our partners to collect WEEE and provide free transportation.
We mostly engage in the collection and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment: used light bulbs: linear fluorescent lamps, including tanning lamps, sodium- and mercury-vapour lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, UV lamps, light fixtures and other lighting devices used for the purpose of diffusing and controlling light, large-size and small-size home appliances, computer hardware, AV equipment, electrical and electronic tools, medical tools, excluding products that can be injected or are contaminated, equipment for surveillance and control as well as dispensing machines (e.g. ATMs).
We use Europe’s best available waste recycling facilities for: