Recycling of Batteries and Accumulators

MB Recycling

Recycling of Batteries and Accumulators

Batteries are treated at our EKO HYBRES plant in Głogów Małopolski. As one of the few, we recycle Li-Ion batteries in addition to all other types of batteries. Due to their high energy density at a relatively low weight, these cells are very popular and are used in a variety of products, from electric toothbrushes to electric cars.

Car batteries are made in a way that they can be used for the whole life cycle of the car, and then the same batteries can be used to store energy. Up to 95% of these batteries can be recycled after being fully utilized!
Our plant offers Li-Ion battery solutions for the automotive industry:
  • Specialized transport (link to the tab)
  • A cutting-edge and risk-free recycling technology for batteries

We recycle all types of batteries while upholding the strictest safety guidelines. We recycle lithium-ion batteries!

In Poland, there are 50,990 passenger and commercial electric cars on the roads as of June 2022. At the moment, every automaker offers at least one electric-drive model. The rise was almost 45% greater than in 2021!
Reports say that electric cars are the future, and that future is not too far away. A growing number of EU countries have set a deadline for the end of sales of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.
Countries nearing their deadlines are:

Poland is Europe’s leading producer of lithium-ion batteries!The rate at which battery production is growing on the global market is increasing the need for safe ways to prepare them for reprocessing and then recover metals and elements in line with the concept of Urban Mining.
Today, MB RECYCLING is prepared to take on these challenges.

We are the only ones in Europe to recycle used electric car batteries.